Percy Jackson and Middle Grade

Somehow throughout my years in primary school I managed to avoid the Percy Jackson novels: I’m not sure whether it was the “masculine” covers or my utter un interest in mythology but I’m happy that I finally decided to read them.

The series is about Percy Jackson, it follows the usual ‘I think I’m normal until an accident happens and my world changes forever’ pattern except magic is traded for awesome greek gods. Percy is your average middle schooler until he finds out that his father is Poseidon (I know you’re jealous) and that he posses power over water. I’m currently on the fourth novel and I’m really enjoying the series but I’m not necessarily sure if the story is what makes me like it. 

To be honest with you, I am still pretty convinced that I am a little kid so these novels were a lovely escape. I’d often heard people rave about how the series was so good and that, although it’s middle grade, it doesn’t feel like middle grade. I disagree, i think they are middle grade books and that the language used is younger; but that’s not a bad thing! I felt like that younger style made me feel incredibly nostalgic and made me even more excited to read it So, in this post I am going to give you 3 reasons why middle grade is awesome!

1- YOU CAN FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN! Now, as much as I know some of you may want to grow up, feeling like a little kid is fun at times. I personally like to pretend I am one 24/7, trust me when I say it will make you feel extremely happy!

2- IT’S EASY TO READ! Tired of the long-winded, confusing english that you have to stumble through whilst at school, college or university? fear not! With middle grade you won’t have to worry about that, the english is easy to read but still interesting. Short words does not mean short, unthought out stories.

3- NO MORE BOOK HANGOVERS! So, although plenty of Middle Grade books deal with sad, unsettling or dangerous themes they are often a lot easier to ‘get over’ than our much loved depressing YA. Sometimes you just need something a little more lighthearted and a little less ‘my whole family is dead, I am the prophecy but I don’t want to be, everyone dies’ and middle grade novels are the perfect, and easiest, way to find this relief!

Thank you all for reading, Emily! 


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