Review of Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

I have seen several of my friends read and review this book, and I’ve seen it before too. It even got nominated for the YA Book Prize 2015, so that was the tipping point for me to buy this book.

Sam and Hannah are virgins. (The fact that they are virgins is crucial to the storyline by the way). It’s the summer before they go to university, and they’ve decided it’s time to find The One. Their own personal Lobster. But everything of course has to work against them, and they all find their own areas to let the ship sail. But are they the right ones?

I actually enjoyed this book, even though it strongly contradicts my love versus lust argument. Really contradicts my love versus lust argument

The book was more funny than anything for me, to be honest. There were some well formed characters and I think that the story had some good settings too. Usually I like to see some sort of issue covered in books, but that was absent here. 

The book also grasped the essence of what it’s like to be a teenager as well. You get the friend that cares, the friend that cares about herself and you, stuck in the middle. Stereotypical friendships, mind you, because not every friendship group has those types of people.

I do have a few negatives to point out though. Firstly, is writing an entire book just centered on two people’s missions to lose their virginity really worth it? I doubted that it was a wise choice, but YA Book Prize judges obviously disagreed. Second, I found a lot of this book really unrealistic. Who gets girls in toilets, for example? Who can just arrive on a tiny island (Sark, by the way) and get a girl just like that?

And, please, I hate this because I’ve seen it far too often. If you’re going to introduce a male character…PLEASE TELL ME MORE THAN THE FACT HE IS TALL! Granted, people find tall people attractive. I think… But don’t just tell me that he’s tall! Tell me something else! What’s he like when you meet him? What does he like? What does his face look like? Tell me what types of socks he wears! Just tell me something. Please?

I enjoyed this book, but more for the reason that I found it funny rather than the message it portrayed. Sorry. Another book that just isn’t for me.


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