Ten Things We Shouldn’t Have Done- Review

TITLE: Ten Things We Shouldn’t Have Done

AUTHOR: Sarah Mylnowski

PUBLISHER: Orchard Books


RATING: 3.5/5 


I was about to live a sixteen-year-old’s dream. House on the beach. No parents. Parties whenever we wanted. Boys wherever we wanted. April and her best friend, Vi, are living by themselves. Of course, April’s parents don’t know that. They think she’s living with Vi and Vi’s mum. But it’s not April’s fault that her dad decided to move away in the middle of high school. So who could blame her for a little white lie? Or the other nine things that April (probably) shouldn’t have done that year… 

My Thoughts:

 April lives in Westport- she has her best friends, and a perfect boyfriend, so she is very happy. But, her life gets turned upside down; when her father wants her to move to Cleveland, with him and his girlfriend. April would have to leave in the middle of her important school year, and leave her whole life behind. Suddenly, April has a plan; surely she can stay with her friend Vi and her Mum, in their beach house, just to finish off the school year? Why should she have to move away from everything? Will she convince her father to let her stay in Westport? She might have to tell a few lies to stay there: or she might have to tell a lot of lies to get through the next few months…

 I adore Mlynowski’s writing, I think it is fabulous: she moulds words perfectly for every single one of her books. She has succeeded with this book, as she can climb into a mind set of a teenage girl with a sudden large amount of freedom; perfectly nailing every characters thoughts and feelings. “Ten Things We Shouldn’t Have Done,” had me turning the pages quickly; finishing it within two days- desperate to find out what happened next. Every single one of the characters is relatable, and crafted very carefully; the plot was very solid overall- however it was quite dry in the middle, and lacked action, compared to the beginning and near the end. I rate this novel 3.5/5- a definite read for older Sarah Mlynowski fans. The book is  definitely for older teenage readers, as it has some mature content in there. 


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