Welcome to the blog!

Hello there, and welcome to The Big Book Project! This site officially launches RIGHT NOW and it’s taken a while but we’ve got an expert team prepared and ready to share their love of YA books with you here.

I wanted to start this site because I loved YA books, but I’ve wanted to connect with other people who love them just as much as me, and about two weeks ago I started contacting some people over Twitter to get this started, and so, two weeks later, this blog was born!

I’m really excited to share this with you, and as today is the launch, I worked with some of the book bloggers behind this and we’ve got some reviews all lined up to go out once every hour on the hour this afternoon, starting at 1pm, to launch the blog!

After today, reviews will go up as and when our bloggers can put them up, so to make sure you never miss some content (because believe me, we’ve got exciting stuff on the way!), follow the blog by clicking Follow right at the top of the screen (remembering that to do so, you’ll need a Tumblr account!) or follow us on Twitter @bookprojectblog. Like I said, there’s exciting stuff on the way, so don’t miss out!

And if you missed out but would love to see your own review featured on the site, hit the submit your reviews link above and you can send your reviews straight to us and you might get them featured!

I’ve worked hard to bring you this and so have the book bloggers behind it, so I sincerely hope you enjoy The Big Book Project!

Best wishes!



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