Review of True Face by Siobhan Curham

I was sent True Face as a gesture by the lovely team at Faber and Faber, and it’s simply because Siobhan kindly agreed to do an interview with me for the site, and I enjoyed reading it, even if it isn’t something that I’d usually read.

True Face is actually not a work of fiction, and I think, personally, it is more of a self help book. Siobhan discusses issues like sex, bullying, drugs, body image and sensitive issues, and how they can affect you as a person. The theme of the book is inventively explored as it being a mask. Siobhan wants you to see beyond the mask, to your True Face.

I personally felt as though the book was useful, and offers some really good tips and advice for helping you come to terms with who you are and get to grips with the issues that affect you. I do, however, feel that the book was more aimed at teenage girls rather than teenage boys like myself.

Whilst the book itself is not at all lengthy, it is a book that is to be followed rather than just read. For example, you need a ‘True Face journal’ in order to get the full use out of this book. 

The book itself does not say it has any general gender bias outright, but readers will easily grasp it’s aim towards girls. Boys, whilst the advice can largely be applied to anyone, I think a book like James Dawson’s Being A Boy would be better for you.

This is a great book though, slightly different from what Siobhan usually does, but in a good way completely.



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