Review of Mind Games by Teri Terry

This book was recommended to me, and my initial thoughts were about how weird a name Teri Terry is though. This is covered at the end though, it’s actually a pretty cool reason. But this book intrigued me, so I gave it a shot.

Luna lives in a new society, one where a company can give you implants to see what isn’t there, one where a company is responsible for your future, one where a company decides if they’d like to test you to give you a place at a university. The test has been accredited by international bodies, but is only given to the elite. So it’s a bit of a shock when PareCo, the be all and end all of companies in the world, offer her a test appointment. She’s a Refuser though, and she doesn’t fit in with PareCo’s ideals. So how far will that take her? And what other things will she discover in PareCo?

This book is fantastic to read. It has a curious similarity to James Dashner’s The Eye Of Minds, in that people have implants, and coffin like structures they can use to attach themselves to a virtual world, but I loved The Eye Of Minds so you can imagine how I felt about this book.

The description in this book is incredible as well! Never before I have I been able to read a techno book and be presented with the levels of imagery that this book has. But never before have I been as terrified by a techno book as I was in this book as well. I won’t give any spoilers, but let’s just say towards the end of the book you discover what a Think Tank is and it’s absolutely terrifying. To me it was anyway.

But I’m not for a second saying the terror was a bad thing. On the contrary, I found it refreshing to find a book that was able to provoke emotions like that. 

The book itself is beautiful. The cover is beautiful as well, kudos to whoever designed that. But I also want to spare a thought to the fact that this book is chilling, and what makes it chilling is the fact that this sort of thing is on the horizon, and companies are becoming ever more powerful. If we aren’t careful, this may well become non-fiction. 

It’s a lengthy read, and it’s not something you can go read in a day, but I definitely think it’s worth your time to read and I can’t believe that I put off reading it for so long. If you’ve seen my Goodreads, you’ll know that this book took absolutely ages to finish. But that’s as a result of the amount of work I had, not because of the fact that I can’t read quickly.

As already said, there’s a striking similarity to The Eye Of Minds by James Dashner so if you love that then read this. It’s not really dystopian, but because of the techno aspects, I’d probably recommend it to fans of Divergent by Veronica Roth as well. 

This was a complete joy to read and the Slated series is definitely on my to read list. 

Buy the book! (Outside the UK? Click here)


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