World Book Night 2015

Happy World Book Night! To celebrate, we asked our contributors what their favourite book from 2015 was or what their favourite book was from the World Book Night list! Here’s what they said! (Want to add your thoughts? Tweet with the hashtag #tbbpwbn15! This piece will be updated as and when we hear from our contributors with their paragraphs!)


My favourite book that has been published in 2015, is ‘The Art of Being
Normal,’ by Lisa Williamson. A definite pleaser for all, as we follow
two boys- called Leo Denton and David Piper. They couldn’t be more
different: so it instantly becomes enthralling
when they are drawn together, and a unique friendship starts forming.
The book covers a wide range of issues in society; while slowly pulling
the reader into the pages, making them desperate to know what will
happen next to the two protagonists…


My favourite book from 2015 so far has got to be Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill. The book is eye-opening to the issues of feminism and really broadens your perspective on the matter. I remember talking to someone about how overrated dystopia is, but he said that this was not an example of it. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more with him!


So.  World Book Night.  A time to celebrate all things bookish!  And a time to choose my favourite book of 2015 so far!  
Of course, I’m struggling to choose one book…  So I’m
going to mention my two runners up and then my very favourite (so far
anyway).  An honourable third place to Arsenic For Tea by Robin Stevens,
the second book in the brilliant Wells & Wong series.  I love the
series to pieces: it’s set in the 1930s and is about two best friends
who go around trying to solve murders.  It’s brilliant – an up-all-night
sort of book!Second place goes to the amazing A Court
Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas.  Faeries, romance, fighting,
action and the freaking coolest Beauty and the Best retelling in the
history of the road makes this book a firm fave of mine.But
it loses out my number one position to the phenomenal, incredible,
mind-blowing Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin.  I actually can’t say too
much about it right now (firstly because I’m still trying to process the
amazingness, secondly because it’s not actually out until November…),
but I can tell you it is just stunningly breathtakingly amazing.  Set
in an alternate-history – where the Nazis won WW2 and Hitler is still in
power – it follows a special girl in an epic race across continents, a
girl who is the resistance’s best hope…  It’s about fear, hope, love,
terror, fighting back and surviving.  And it is a book that is pure
magic.  I really just cannot recommend Wolf By Wolf enough, no matter
how often I plan on recommending it in the future.  So preorder it now
and read Ryan’s incredible The Walled City while you wait for the
awesomeness that is Wolf By Wolf to land in your lap!

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