The Week of YA: Author Interview- Alice Oseman

Georgia: What inspired you to write, ‘Solitaire?’
Alice: I’ve always loved coming-of-age novels but I hadn’t been able to find one that I felt reflected my own teenage experience – a British girl in a grammar school! So I wrote it myself.

Georgia: What age did you start to write it, as you got published very young?
Alice: I started writing Solitaire when I was seventeen and finished it around five months later when I was eighteen.

Georgia:Did you base any of the characters on people you know?
Alice: Not at all!

Georgia: Have you always wanted to be a writer since you were a child?
Alice: Not really! I only started wanting to be an author once I was about sixteen. Before then it was just a hobby!

Georgia: If you could pick any book character to be your alter ego, who would it be?
Alice: Artemis Fowl.

Georgia: What superpower do you wish you could have?
Alice: Flight!

Georgia: What is your favourite food?
Alice: Definitely pizza.

Georgia: What is your three top tips for aspiring young authors, wanting to get published?
1. Write the book you want to read.
2. Do your research – you need to spend lots of time finding out how to get published.
3. Believe in yourself, and don’t believe the people who tell you that you can’t do it.

Georgia: Who are your author inspirations?
Alice: Bret Easton Ellis’s books are very inspirational to me – he writes exactly what he wants to write and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.


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