Review of The Book Of Learning by E.R Murray


(I was sent a copy of this book by the author in exchange for this review. My opinions on the book have not been affected as a result.) 

The Book Of Learning is a tale about a young girl named Ebony Smart, whose grandfather’s death sends her entire life upside down. Forced to move on from the death of her grandfather, she moves into 23 Mercury Lane with her aunt, but discovers her new home is filled with secrets. She’s been thrust into a life where she’s part of a group that has the power to reincarnate the dead, but discovers a threat that could compromise their very existence. Armed with a single book and a pet rat named Winston, it’s her job to find out why her people are disappearing how to save their souls before it’s too late.

This book is a middle grade fantasy, which is immediately different to the type of books I usually read, as in fantasy isn’t usually a genre I’d leap towards. With that, it’s quite easy for me to go into a fantasy book with a presupposed judgement that it’s going to be bad. For me though, I found that certainly wasn’t the case.

Ebony is a really well thought out character, one that’s fun to read about and a strong character as well. You get a real sense of her values and what she believes, and her story is great to read.

It’s a book that takes the real world and mashes it together with fantasy, which I think a lot of readers will appreciate, and it’s a book that’s fun to read too. It’s well written and structured brilliantly! 

For a person who looks at the fantasy sections in bookshops and says ‘kind of, but not really,’ it’s a book that surprised me. I definitely recommend the book.


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