Becky Jerams’ Top 5 Laugh Out Loud Reads

I am a big fan of books that make you giggle. Sometimes
there is nothing better than a light-hearted bit of escapism that will take you
away from the worries of the real world and put a massive smile on your face!

Here are five of my all-time favourite laugh-out-loud reads
guaranteed to have you in stitches and make your day a little bit brighter:

1. Confessions Of A
Shopaholic Series – Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series is now up to book number
7 and it’s easy to see why it’s so wildly popular.  Our leading lady Becky Bloomwood is
outrageous, mischevious, oh so stylish and absolutely incapable of going
anywhere without causing trouble of some description. Through her little bad
habit of exaggerating the truth somewhat she has seen herself in all manner of
excruciating situations from mistaken identity to infuriating her dashing
husband Luke in one way or another.

Whenever I read about Becky’s adventures, I am torn between
loving her and wanting to reach through the pages and shake her. But one thing
is for certain, I never fail to laugh out loud at the ridiculous things she
says and does. I have been in absolute fits at these books. Prepare to laugh a
lot if you read them (and quite possibly cringe awkwardly behind your hands in
second-hand embarrassment.)

2. Yes Man – Danny

I am a big fan of Danny Wallace and his crazy schemes, but
for me his best and most iconic work is definitely Yes Man. The book follows Danny during his real-life experiment
where he decides to say “yes” to any opportunity that comes his way and see
where it takes him. It’s incredible how much that one little world can unlock
and Danny soon finds himself in all manner of insane situations and locations
through never saying no.

If you love wry British humour then this will have you in
HYSTERICS. It’s also incredibly heart-warming and will be sure to leave you feeling
inspired and more open to opportunities in your own life.

3. Geek Girl Series –
Holly Smale

This series is my new obsession and I simply cannot put it
down! The books follow the adventures of Harriet Manners, a self-proclaimed
Geek who knows an incredible amount of facts and statistics about the world
around her. Unfortunately she finds fitting in at school much harder than
passing her exams. However, with her best friends beside her and a sudden
unexpected modelling career at her fingertips, this little Geek Girl is about
to find the true potential she never knew she had.

When I first read this book I expected it to be
light-hearted and amusing, but I had no idea how much it was going to make me
laugh in the process! I actually guffawed on a public train carriage during one
chapter. That’s right, guffawed. All of the characters are so quirky and
lovable, from Harriet’s nerdy stalker Toby to her bolshie best friend Nat to
her man-child of a father Richard (who is my all-time favourite book Dad hands
down). The things they come out with are thoroughly hilarious as well as
typically British. You will definitely be giggling your head off with every

4. Angus, Thongs
& Full-Frontal Snogging Series – Louise Rennison

This ten-book series by Louise Rennison follows the diaries
of teenager Georgia Nicolson as she deals with all manner of problems including
a mad family, friendship drama and of course boys (and how to snog them

Georgia’s narration is always incredibly dramatic (well she
is a teenager after all) and so, so funny that you will literally have tears
running down your face in places. I have never read a set of books that so
perfectly capture being a teenage girl in all it’s horrific, embarrassing and
hilarious glory. Georgia and her friends have so many long-running in-jokes
that by the end you will feel like part of their gang and end up repeating their
quirky sayings in public like your real life friends had actually made them up.
Georgia Nicolson, I salute you.

5. Modelland – Tyra

My final pick for this list is most definitely a laugh out
loud read, but perhaps not for the reasons that the author would expect…

As most of you know, Tyra Banks is the fierce, smizing,
quite possibly insane presenter of America’s Next Top Model. And she wrote a
book. Oh yes, she wrote a book. Quite possibly the strangest, maddest, most
bizarre and hysterical book I have ever laid my eyes on. This book is bad. So
bad it’s thoroughly brilliant.

The storyline follows the adventures of a young girl named
Tookie (yes, Tookie) who gets chosen to become a famous and magical
“Intoxibella” by attending Modelland at the top of a mysterious mountain. Every
girl from far and wide wishes she could be chosen as an Intoxibella , but not
everything is as perfect as it seems in the world of fame and fashion…

If you think that storyline sounds weird then you haven’t
read anything yet. This book hurtles from chapter to chapter with startling
speed and things just HAPPEN for no apparent reason. Nothing makes sense. There
are continuity errors with people vanishing then reappearing and time frames
not adding up. The tone goes from cute and cheerful descriptions aimed at
children to violent, gory deaths that are NOT suitable for children. Characters
start sucking other characters thumbs. There are so many trippy scenes that
have obviously come straight out of Tyra’s wildest hallucinations that it is
unreal. The writing is frantic, erratic and will leave you cringing from the
sheer horror of it all.

But you will laugh. A lot. And by the end I actually got so
used to the insane writing that I began to forget how crazy it was and just love
the story anyway! God bless you Tyra. You cannot deny that she has a huge
imagination and if you enter her world then prepare to be entertained!

Those are my top picks, but I’m sure there are
many more stories I’ve missed. If you have any more recommendations then I
would love to hear them – send me a tweet
at @beckyjerams and we can
chat books together. 

Becky’s book, Reasons to Love A Nerd Like Me, is available to buy now. 


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