“Keep writing, keep reading, and don’t doubt your abilities,” – Interview with Lucy Saxon

Contributor Georgia got to chat to author of Take Back The Skies, @lucysaxonbooks! Read on to find out what she told us…

What inspired you to
write ‘Take Back the Skies’?

I was trying to find
inspiration for my next NaNoWriMo novel at the time, and I had this weird kind
of half-dream about this girl in Victorian-style clothing, stood on the deck of
this flying pirate ship. I couldn’t get the image out of my head, and I just
started thinking about who she was and what she was doing there and suddenly I
had the beginnings of a plot on my hands.

What is your normal
writing routine?

I’m a very immersive
writer, in that I will block out a month or so of my life to do literally
nothing but write; I ignore most social invitations, take a break from cosplay,
and just shut myself away in my room and write non stop pretty much from the
time I get up to the time I go to bed, with the occasional day off (usually
needed to catch up on sleep, as when I get into a really good writing flow I
sometimes accidentally stay up far too late!). I find it much easier to write
all at once, rather than stopping and starting, though recently it’s been
getting harder and harder to find that much solid time away from my other
responsibilities. I’ll figure something out!

How do you keep your
determination while writing – what keeps you going?

Stubbornness, mostly. A
lot of the time it’s not too hard to keep myself motivated just through the
plot and through being excited to write the next part and get more into the
story, but sometimes I’ll get writer’s block or I’ll hit a section that’s just
really hard and slow, and usually I keep myself going through that by just
promising myself it’ll all be over soon, and then I don’t have to look at it
for a while. I just tell myself that I can fix all the problems once it’s
finished, but I can’t do that without an ending!

Who are your favourite

I have a ton of favourite
authors! I read a huge amount, I always have done. JK Rowling, obviously. I’m a
big fan of most fantasy, especially YA; Sarah J Maas, Cassandra Clare, Samantha
Shannon, Maria V Snyder. I also really like John Green, Non Pratt and Holly
Bourne for more contemporary stuff.

Sum up your writing
experience in 3 words?

Stressful, glorious madness.

What are your top three
tips for young aspiring authors?

Keep writing, keep
reading, and don’t doubt your abilities. Everything you write is an improvement
from the last thing you wrote, and every story can be improved upon once you’ve
got a beginning, middle and end. Don’t expect it to be perfect, and don’t be
upset if it’s not what you thought it would be; it might not be The One, but
it’s still good practice for your next story.

Have you always wanted
to write?

I’ve always enjoyed
writing. I properly got into writing when I was about twelve, and it was a huge
part of my life, but I never really thought of writing as a valid career until
after I wrote the first draft of Take Back the Skies. I kind of fell into it by
accident, but I can’t really imagine doing anything else!

What are your plans

Oh, man, I have SO MANY
PLANS. Obviously I need to finish the Tellus series, which should be six books
by the time I’m done, but I’m also currently working on a modern fantasy for a
slightly older audience, and I have more plans for future books and other
writing projects than I have time to write right now. All I can hope is that
other people like them enough to want to read them! But the plan is to continue
being a full-time author if I can manage it, and hopefully venture out into the
Real Adult world of getting a flat and living by myself and probably not
spending five out of seven days a week in pyjamas. Though that last one seems
like a bit of a stretch. We shall see!

Thanks Lucy for taking part in Christmas Week with us! Take Back The Skies is available to buy now, as is Lucy’s second book, The Almost King. 


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