My Experience with Blogging: Laura Ashforth

I first started blogging around 2 years ago. It started when my obsessive reading habits had led me to discover the huge book-loving community on Twitter and I loved to read other peoples opinions on books I had read/wanted to read. I think often book-lovers can feel isolated at school or college or just in life because no one around them loves books like they do and they have no one to share opinions with. Blogging helps people to communicate and make friends over their mutual love of books. Distance is irrelevant.

I found myself getting really enthusiastic in discussing books and thinking that I wanted to write down my thoughts for others to read. That’s when I found the Guardian’s Teen website and I began typing like mad any and every book I could get my hands on. The website gave me the help I needed to get into blogging as I had no idea how I would go about setting up my own website.

Blogging has brought me many amazing experiences; I have met and talked to many awesome people. Thanks to these amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to interview Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J Maas, Melinda Salisbury and Samantha Shannon.

My most treasured memory of blogging is when I found out Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo would be visiting Newcastle, the city near me and I remembered reading on the Guardians website to email if you had any ideas for interviews, so I hastily typed an email and was so nervous waiting for a reply. I remember being on a lunch break from where I was volunteering in a book shop in Durham, so I went and sat on the river bank under the shadow of the cathedral and read the reply. I was so nervous to open it. I remember hoping I wasn’t being too forward by asking. The wonderful Emily Drabble replied saying she would love to help me set it up. It honestly felt like I’d won the lottery. I was, and still am, so grateful. You should totally always ask. The worst answer you could get is a no and you’re no worse off but on the other hand it could be a yes and you get the opportunity to interview your favourite authors. Always ask.

In the UK we’re so lucky to have YALC to meet up and be bookish, and I hope more opportunities arise for young adults here. America has a few different conventions, and so should we.

In future, I just hope the book-blogging community continues to grow.

Laura blogs at Under A Mound Of Books and tweets as @AssassinGrisha. 


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