“I was part of the book blogging community even if I was a newbie.” – Guest Post by Virginie at Chouett Blog

Book Blog??!!! Huh, who does that?

Looking back at my reading journey in the last couple of years and how I ended up starting Chouett.com is always a fond memory to dwell on.

When it comes to my love of books, I would consider myself a late bloomer. I can’t tell you anything about my favourite book as a child simply because I never had one and my childhood is sadly not made of favourite moments in libraries.

Nope, my love story with words started at the tender age of 37 so I guess I have a bit of catching up to do :).

It all began in early 2014 when I accidently tumbled across Goodreads.com and decided to challenge myself with reading 12 books in 12 months.

At the time, it fell like this huge mountain to climb…but 60 books later with now a slight book storage issue, my step daughter and I are chatting in the kitchen over a bagel while she reads a review of one of my favourite books read in 2014 “The Bone Season” by Samantha Shannon (which by the way everyone should read!!!!…because I said so:)) when she says:“I really like that review, makes me want to read the book”…to which I answer “Well, it’s a really good book” to which she clarify further by saying: “not what I meant…I think you should really write a blog, so that others can read your reviews…to which I answer dumbfounded:” Book Blog??!!! Huh, who does that”?

Well, it turns out that a lot of people do and once I figured that out, my reading journey took on another new level. Aside from learning new IT related skills resulting from the setting up of a website and getting a following on Twitter I felt the greatest joy from being welcomed in an ever growing and fascinating community of book bloggers/booktubers, readers just like me whose love for stories is one of the purest.  I can’t say that enough, book bloggers are authors number 1 fans!!  

Even until now, I recall the day I received my first ever invite to a book blogger event, it felt like Xmas all over again, but the next minute I was filled with dread. I was about to go to an event not knowing a soul and the idea of it was pretty scary. That was until I met a few fellow bloggers in one of those green bannered Seattle style coffee houses and realised I was as excited to meet them as they were to meet me (little wink at Michelle who looked after me that day and is now one of my greatest friends and fave bloggers). And yes, this excitement they all seemed to have at the idea of meeting authors and being introduced to new literature I recognised in me right away. I was part of the book blogging community even if I was a newbie.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to have attended numerous book related events, and felt star struck when meeting some of my favourite authors however it has also been and still is a privilege to be part of other bloggers journey. A lot of them are incredibly talented, from the ones who can rally troops and share their love of YA (Lucy with #ukyachat and Mariam #feminisminya comes to mind), to others like George and Stevie who do wonders behind their camera by interviewing the authors you wish you could interview but would probably freeze when it’s your cue to ask a question  or sharing their love of a book with so much passion you end up wondering how you yet again added  another novel on your ever growing TBR.

Bottom line is, I maybe the girl behind Chouett.com but my blog would not be what it is without this fabulous community nurturing my curiosity about all books old and new.

My reading spark started with one book…and now the flame does not seem to wither, at least not anytime soon and for that, I am grateful.

You can find more Chouett at chouett.com.


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