The Skillful Art of Snap Decision Making – Guest Post by Luna’s Little Library

Despite my notebooks, meticulously organised bookshelves and endless sticky notes telling me what is happening on my blog and when I’ve realised that when it comes to the stuff what makes Luna’s Little Library the blog it is –it’s all built on an instant decision or idea- followed by me trying to figure out the details afterwards.

Let’s take how my blog started, it was a snap decision I made four years ago. One day I just thought: “why not” and a few hours later something colourful existed with the name Luna’s Little Library and little else. I wasn’t even quite sure what a book blog was…

It was a snap decision that had me accept Keris Stainton’s invitation to her book launch for Emma Hearts LA 3 weeks later. (Longish story as to how this came about but it had nothing with me being a book blogger.) I meet Tanya Byrne, Laura (Sisterspooky) and Raimy (Readaraptor), there were also a few other people who I can’t remember (sorry!) and we ended up going out for drinks. It was surreal and brilliant.

Fast forward a little and another snap decision, this time I said ‘yes’ when Hot Key Books invited me to their first ever Blogger Brunch. I travelled all the way down to London, not having a clue where Iwas going (which let me tell you with my sense of direction is not a good plan), and ended up in a room with booklovers. The very first person I meet was Faye (DaydreamersThoughts), who like me was in need of tea. This was the event that made me realise that we had a book blogging community.

After this I travelled down to other events, I became more social on Twitter (something I still struggle with) and I started making blogger friends. That blogger brunch opened the door… and from there many more ‘snaps’ followed.

But the most epic one has got to be the snap decision that might have been instant ‘yes I’ll do this’ but then ended up with months of planning on the back of it.

The decision to go to BEA 2014 in New York.

As a bookish bucket item I don’t think attending a Book Expo is that unique wish, but I didn’t actually think I was going to do it. There were four of us: Faye (DaydreamersThoughts), Debbie (SnugglingontheSofa), Caroline (bigbooklittlebook) and me. BEA was HUGE, MASSIVE, COLLOSAL.

There were books, lovely books and many many people and much hurting of the feet. I got to see my best friend be on a #WeNeedDiverseBooks Panel (she’s an NYT Bestseller now so I’m just all the proud!). There was exploring of New York at night and book shopping, because obviously the ones from BEA weren’t enough on their own and have I mentioned the hurting of the feet?


Since then I’ve obviously made plenty more ‘snaps’ – going to YALC, Bath Lit, deciding to do have a Diversity Month, building the Diversity Bookshelf.

For all the careful planning that goes into the content on Luna’s Little Library I never seem to spend much time thinking about the big stuff before wanting to do it. I feel like I should worry about this (especially when I worry about so much) but then when I look back at all the snap decisions and see how they’ve worked out, maybe – at least in book blogger land – it’s the way to go.


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