Interview with Sarah Crossan


What inspires you to write?

Everything around me. I need to live to write, and when I speak to people and see life, I want to write about it.

Have you always wanted to write YA fiction?

I never really think about the age range although I do love writing for teens because they are so fearless.

‘One’ is a strikingly original and unique novel- how did you get the idea to write it?

I saw a documentary about a set of conjoined twins living in the States who have quite unspectacular lives and I simply wondered how it would be to live as a separate person in one body.  

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Read! Read and also, do not be afraid. Fear… and perfectionism, are your greatest enemies.  

Out of all of your books, which one is your favourite?


If you could pick any other career choice, what would it be?

I’d like to be a race car driver. I like speedy cars.  

Have you always wanted to write since you were a child?

I suppose so, though I never imagined someone like me could write. I imagined it was for other, smarter people. Apparently I’m “other people” and didn’t even know it.


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