Review of Lying About Last Summer

2016 is a year that’s jam packed with debut novels, some really amazing new work from amazing authors who have made it onto the scene. One of these authors goes by the name of Sue Wallman, who earlier this year released a book called Lying About Last Summer.

Skye’s sister, Luisa, drowned last year in an accident in her swimming pool at home. A year on, her parents think it might be a good idea to send her to a camp for bereaved teenagers over the summer. It doesn’t seem so bad at first, but when she starts receiving messages from someone pretending to be Luisa, the truth starts rushing back to her. She can’t run from it forever.

This book is so interesting to read. Skye has a backstory that develops throughout the novel which as a reader you get to follow and truly confront the truth with her. I really like this; it gives a new angle to the story that you wouldn’t have otherwise got.

There’s such a broad range of characters the you meet at the camp, some I would have liked developed a little more than they were, but the ones that were explored were done so in plenty of detail that we really get to know the community that forms at this camp.

Sue has an amazing writing style too. It’s to the point and yet with the right amount of detail so you really feel as though you’re able to just get this story. By the end of it, I think most people will be able to fully understand it.

It covers a lot of themes, like loss, and whilst loss might not be a delightful topic to talk about, the book is written in such a good way that you’re able to understand the importance of starting conversations around it.

I really enjoyed Lying About Last Summer, and I cannot wait to see what Sue has to offer next.


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