Review of Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe

Girl Hearts Girl

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This post is also part of the Girl Hearts Girl blog tour, details of which are in the banner on this site!)

Lucy Sutcliffe is the co-star and co-founder of a YouTube channel called ‘Kaelyn and Lucy’ which documented the long distance relationship she had with her partner Kaelyn Petras. Now, she works as a freelance editor and author and finally came together with her partner in August 2014, which ended the long distance part of her relationship. Girl Hearts Girl is a memoir of Lucy’s life leading up to the point where she now lives in Arizona with her partner today.

I don’t tend to read memoirs too often. I’m not entirely sure why either, as often many people’s life stories are incredibly fascinating, seeing things you know and take for granted through someone else’s perspectives. Even though I don’t read memoirs that often, I’m so glad that I read Girl Hearts Girl.

The memoir is a very thought provoking one. Lucy tells her story in a way that’s not only very well written, but, like I said, it’s written from a place that offers you a new perspective on different aspects of life.

It’s a touching tale, and filled with advice for your own life too. Throughout the book, I remember reading it and thinking that there are so many different quotes from this book that could be applied to any situation in life (nearly started highlighting them, but resisted through fear of ruining the book!), and I think that’s a really good thing; the fact you are able to apply Lucy’s story to your own to help you form who you want to be I think is amazing!

Lucy’s story is one that I think deserves to be read by a lot of people. It deserves to be heard, and whilst it could spark discussions, I think that the real point that I want as many people as possible to read this book is because it’s a memoir of finding yourself and discovering who you are. Lucy says a lot of things in the book that will have you filled with emotion, be that suspense or be that happiness or whatever other emotions you might feel whilst you read this book, and I hope that whoever reads this book feels as glad that they read it as I do.

I really urge you to get yourself a copy of this book. Even if memoirs aren’t your thing, go and read it because I think you’ll feel glad you read it. I’m very happy I read this book, and that I got to learn about Lucy’s path to where she is now.

A well written, thought provoking novel.

There is also a tour wide giveaway being run (but just for the length of the blog tour, so you need to be quick!) for your chance to win a copy of Girl Hearts Girl, with three winners! Enter here! (Entrants must be in the UK or Republic of Ireland. This giveaway is not being run by the Big Book Project, and entrants should note of any rules or terms that may apply on the giveaway page. ) 


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