Review- Love Song by Sophia Bennett: Summer Book Club





TITLE: Love Song  AUTHOR: Sophia Bennett

PUBLISHER:  Chicken House Books



‘Love Song’ was such a delightful read, and being a very unique story, it was very interesting to read about a band- as I listen to music from a lot of artists, and I am not fixated with one band.

Nina (the main protagonist) has become the new assistant to a band’s lead singer’s finacée, and she is very aware of the fact that millions of girls die for the chance to meet the The Point, She just doesn’t see why, as she has a first hand experience of her sister, (Ariel), being obsessed with them.

Soon enough, she starts to know and understand the boys on a personal level, and starts to quite like them as people. But, she has promised herself that she will definitely not fall head over heels for any of them…

I loved seeing the journey that Nina went on, as she developed into liking the band. It shows that you can’t judge people that you don’t know, until you become acquainted with them. The plot was fast, with fabulous twists and turns- and proved to be even more enjoyable as this is something I have never read before.

A firm 4/5- ‘Love Song’ is not something I would usually pick up, but it actually a lovely, feel good summer read that is bound to make you feel warm inside. Teenagers would love this novel, as would adults- to bring back some nostalgia.


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