What is the #YAtakeover

The #YAtakeover is back, and organiser Christopher Moore joins us today to tell us what it’s all about…
The #YAtakeover is a 3-day, digital Young Adult (YA) festival unlike any other, taking place from the 19th August until the 21st August. Join us for live Twitter interviews with your favourite YA authors from around the world, our #BigFatYAQuiz, giveaways, Twitter chats and more. It all kicks off with our Twitter chat on bullying at 7pm GMT on the 19th August with Susin Nielsen (We Are All Made of Molecules), E. R. Murray (Caramel Hearts), Eve Ainsworth, (Crush) and Jenny McLachlan (Starstruck) followed by our #BigFatYAQuiz.The aim is to make readers aware of the best in YA lit and it’s an accessible event where readers can interact with their favourite authors – I know that it’s hard for some people that live outside the bigger cities to get involved with bookish events. And with libraries being closed down across the U.K. and drastic budget cuts to the arts, it’s become more difficult for readers to get their hands on the best books. The #YAtakeover connects readers and offers author interview panels, our YA quiz and plenty of giveaways for YA readers across the globe.

Our #BigFatYAQuiz begins at 8pm on the 19th August with various rounds to challenge even the most devout YA readers. Join us if you want to win some of 2016’s best YA books or if you fancy a bookish quiz.

There will be giveaways all through the weekend and you’ll have the chance to ask the most talented YA authors from around the world your questions using the #YAtakeover hashtag. Keep an eye on our @YAfictionados account where we have some giveaways currently running and more to follow as well as our daily author reveals.

You can find the YA Fictionados site here.


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