Maisie Allen’s Experiences With Blogging

It’s been 2 years since I first pressed the bright blue ‘publish’ button on my book blog. 2 years since I dipped my toe into the enormous pool that is the book blogging community. It was terrifying at first, however new and exciting it was to have, a space that I could call my own to unleash my true passion for literature, and up until now I was plagued by self-doubt, I lost sleep over blog statistics and wondered endlessly the question which everyone wonders at least once in their life ‘Do they accept me?’ They being the many book bloggers I encountered on social media, the ones whose book blogs seemed infinitely better than mine, the veterans and the pioneers of the blogging community and those who fit perfectly into the puzzle I was so desperately trying to be part of. I longed to be like them, the ones who made blogging look so effortless and easy while I was struggling to write a coherent post about summer reads (it’s safe to say that post didn’t end well).

All these fears though, were due to blindness on my part. Blindness that I would receive hundreds of hits overnight, that acceptance would come instantaneously and that blogging would be easy. I forgot that to be known, you have to make yourself visible, loud and you have to graft. So I began building myself and my blog from the ground up, review after review, social media interactions with people I had never met before and slowly, this toxic idea that I had to be ‘successful’ to be a good blogger faded from my mind. It faded with twitter chats (which involved a lot of Agatha Christie love) where I met like-minded people, people whose posts made me look at my bookshelves and encouraged me to make a better change, to open new doors to new books for new adventures. In fact, without those hours spent developing my literary opinions (whether it be on classics or comics), I wouldn’t have pitched to write a teeny tiny piece for the Guardian Teen Books Site and I wouldn’t have rediscovered the reason I started blogging in the first place – my love of books.

Now, both feet are firmly in the blogging pool where I feel right at home and I hope I can continue to be the blogger I want, not the blogger I hope other people want.


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