Georgia’s Top Monthly Characters- August


Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new monthly feature on The Big Book Project, where I will be writing about my favourite characters from the books I have read this month! The aim of this feature is to introduce people to characters from books they may not have read: you may just find out about a book, (and a character), that could be your new favourite! On with the post of my top monthly characters in August…

1. What’s a Girl Gotta Do by Holly Bourne- Lottie

I adored reading Holly Bourne’s Spinster Club Trilogy, and I thought I couldn’t love any one of the trio of the girls more than the last. Lottie really has stuck with me as a character, she is fiery and determined to stick up exactly for what is right. She is also absolutely hilarious- her quirky personality had me laughing at every page.

2. Did I Mention I Miss You- Tyler

I really liked Tyler as a character by the third book in the DIMILY series, as he is a human being. He has made mistakes, learnt from them- and has become a better person in the process of rectifying them. Estelle Maskame has written Tyler, (and Eden for a fact), as very realistic characters: making readers empathise with them so much more on a personal level.

3. My Lady Jane: The Not Entirely True Story- Jane

This novel is a perfect summer read, and made me laugh out loud too. It is out on September the first, so you should definitely check it out if you are interested. Jane was a gutsy heroine throughout the whole novel, she loved reading books and she wouldn’t take no for an answer no matter what- and would not rely on anyone to look after her. I really warmed to her from the start of the book, making her one of my favourite characters for sure!

Check back in September for my new list of monthly characters!