Georgia’s Top Monthly Characters- September


Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new monthly feature on The Big Book Project, where I will be writing about my favourite characters from the books I have read this month! The aim of this feature is to introduce people to characters from books they may not have read: you may just find out about a book, (and a character), that could be your new favourite! On with the post of my top monthly characters in September…

1. Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven- Jack

I loved Jack as a main character in Holding Up the Universe- he loves inventing and building things, which really interested me: and he has face blindness. He has coped with it in a way that you wouldn’t think someone would, I think he is a very memorable and unique character.

1. Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven- Libby

Similar to Jack, Libby is an unforgettable character. She has a had a lot of things happen to her that could have affected her in a really negative way, but she hasn’t let them get in her way at all. Both her and Jack together as characters just really gel, although you wouldn’t think so at first.

1. Unboxed by Non Pratt- Alix

Alix was a really likeable character: she has a distinct voice, making me want to meet her in real life! She is trying to bring all of her friends back together in the novel: which made me desperate to know what the outcome would be!

Check back in October for my new list of monthly characters!