Georgia’s Top Monthly Characters- November


Hello everyone!

Welcome to a monthly feature on The Big Book Project, where I will be writing about my favourite characters from the books I have read this month! The aim of this feature is to introduce people to characters from books they may not have read: you may just find out about a book, (and a character), that could be your new favourite! On with the post of my top monthly characters October…

1. And a Happy New Year by Holly Bourne- Evie

Even though Evie in features in ‘Am I Normal Yet’, and I enjoyed reading about her and connected with her on a personal level- I loved her even more in ‘And a Happy New Year’. The way Holly Bourne writes about Evie’s internal struggles throughout the last Spinster Club book was so realistic: it made me empathise with her so much. It also made me think about how people can be experiencing problems on the inside, without showing that on the outside.

2. The One Memory of Flora Banks- Emily Barr

I have just started reading ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ by Emily Barr, and I am loving it! Moreover, Flora is such a brilliant and memorable character she is making me desperate to read on and neglect all my responsibilities.

2. Fangirl- Cath

I have also started re-reading ‘Fangirl’ this week, and Cath is another fabulous character. The quirks of her personality seep through the pages, and from the first page I was reminded of why I loved her when I first read Fangirl at thirteen.

Check back in December for my new list of monthly characters!