What I Learned from My Book Blogging Hiatus – Guest Post by Maisie Allen

For a few months last year, I went on a blog hiatus. It wasn’t for any particular reason, more of a combination of things like schoolwork, my part time job, and also I didn’t enjoy reading anymore. Any book I would pick up, I couldn’t bring myself to finish – I just read the beginnings, snapshots of these stories that everyone else had said were amazing and extraordinary and how they were worthy of every single superlative bestowed upon them. Because of that, I fell out of love with blogging as well because to be honest, I felt like a fraud- I mean what kind of book blogger can’t finish the top 10 YA books of the year?

So I made the decision to step back and give myself a break. To not worry about meeting rigid schedules I had set myself to do every Top Ten Tuesday as well as 2 reviews a week plus the odd opinion post now and then (something I rarely got round to completing, causing the cycle of guilt to carry on spinning). I wanted to love reading again, to appreciate every printed word fully without thinking in my head how I could dissect the plot, character development and the impact of it in order to write up a 300 word review. I wanted to feel lost in other worlds again, not just to feel like an outsider looking in on the fantastical society that I used to be a part of whenever I cracked the spine and opened the book.

More importantly though, I wanted to appreciate blogging again, to scroll through post after post on YA, non-fiction, essays on feminism in literature (among other things) without comparing myself and my teeny tiny blog audience to these amazing people who were the reason I started blogging in the first place (cheesy but true)! Through that, I found my passion again, my passion for reading and my passion for writing and telling anyone who would listen about ‘this great book I stayed up till 2 in the morning to finish which you HAVE to read’. By scrolling through others’ typed up opinions, reviews and all kinds of wonderful posts, I felt like I had found my teeny tiny corner in the blogosphere again.

My hiatus served as my knight in shining armour to prevent me from burning out and although it’s probably not the answer for everyone, it taught me a lot.

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