The End of the Line


It’s no secret that the site has been a little dormant lately. Unfortunately, after nearly four years of being on the internet and being a fairly popular place for authors and readers to stop by on the internet, the Big Book Project is coming to an end.

It’s been really fun working on this blog as an editor/organiser/reader, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing posts online from loads of different authors and really inspiring books by really amazing readers. Unfortunately, the site has become increasingly more difficult to manage and as for me personally, I’ve decided to focus solely on my own personal book blog which I’ve also been neglecting as of late and hope to revitalise going forward.

You’ll be able to find everything that’s ever been posted by all our writers, bloggers and guest authors in exactly the same place it was in for a while yet. After this point, I’ll do my best to think of a good way of keeping it online.

All that remains to say is thank you to everyone who has been a part of the site over the last few years or so, both past and present. I’m consistently grateful to you for making the effort for the site, and it’s better off for that effort.

Thank you for reading. Do seek out the posts that have been posted here, and there are many brilliant ones which you’ll be able to find. And as for the writers, they continue to do their thing in their own places and I’m sure many will continue to do so going forward longer than this one site could exist. They all have profiles and many have included links to their own pages in the posts they have written on this site – do find them and follow them on their socials, it’s well worth it!

I suppose, onward!